VEndo NVG dipol 125 Rusas

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VEndo NVG dipol 125 Rusas

Mensaje  Sadi el Mar Ago 17, 2010 10:03 am

Night Vision Mono-Goggle.

Night Vision Goggle c/w IR Illuminator and Head-mount

The Dipol D-125 is a high quality Pocketscope/mono-goggle, and features a photo-cell safety system that prevents the device powering up in lighting conditions that are too bright for night vision use, a feature designed to save costly damage to your unit where it has been accidentally switched on in bright light.

Mounted on the supplied head-mount, the D-125 sits comfortably over either eye (as required by the user) and is fully adjustable. When not required, the Night Vision Device can be flipped up away from the eye into the upright position on the headstrap. When detached from the headstrap, the D-125 becomes a very compact and useful pocket scope.

Using a premium grade image intensifier tube, the D-125 is machined from aircraft aluminium, fitted with a sure-grip rubber coating; optics are all glass and the 1X lens can be upgraded for a 3.6 X lens for long distance pocketscope viewing. The on-board IR illuminator is powerful and can be focussed for maximum performance.

Supplied with the extremely comfortable and adjustable Dipol head-mount, the D-125 night vision mono-goggle is a high quality device suitable for hunting, fishing, pest control, airsoft and paintball games etc.

POWER SUPPLY: 2 X "N" cells
RESOLUTION : 40+ lp/mm
BATTERY LIFE : 36 hours
FIELD OF VIEW : 40 Degrees
DETECTION RANGE : 130 metres
WEIGHT : 0.300 Kg
LENS : f26
FOCUS RANGE : 25cm to Infinity
IR : Built-in
DIMENSIONS : 167 x 70 x 47mm

Package Contents:

- Night Vision Monocular D125
- Head mask
- Carry case
- User's Manual

Prize = 450€ Portes incluidos
adaptador MK124 for FIT on scope.
Price: 125€

ALL ITEMS have garanty 100% brand new.

[b]Never used.

Si kereis fotos o probarla in situ, soy de Madrid

mas fotos de las NVG acopladas con un Jarms a un Mich 2000


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